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Duzzit washing machine cleaner. Lavender scent 250ml

Duzzit washing machine cleaner. Lavender scent 250ml

Duzzit washing machine cleaner Keep your washing machine clean and functioning to a high standard,

With this brilliant solution your washing machine can keep cleaning your clothes for longer.

Cleans by eliminating detergent build up on your drum pipes and seals.


Can be used to remove any excess dirt or material that may be left behind from countless loads of dirty clothes.

It is also useful for combating limescale and detergents to ensure your washing machine wont break down.

Clean your washing machine with ease removes excess dirt material and old washing powder sludge.


Combat limescale

Keep your washing machine working for longer.


Directions For Use:

Remove detergent draw and soak for approximately 30 minutes in a solution of 50ml of the product diluted in 4 litres of water.

Rinse off and place back into the machine.

Pour remaining contents of the bottle back into the detergent drawer and start the main wash cycle at 60 deg.


Do Not Fill the Machine with washing or detergent.

At the end of the cycle, wipe the rubber seal around the door with a damp cloth and use as normal.

Recommended use every 3 months.

Only use with stainless steel Drums.

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