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Swirl laundry fragrance booster. Lavender

Swirl laundry fragrance booster. Lavender

Swirl Laundry Fragrance Booster 350g Spring Blossom

The spring blossom laundry fragrance booster from Swirl will add a long-lasting fragrance boost that can be used on fabrics, colours, load sizes, and washes. Just a single unit will provide fragrance for 16 washes using the measuring cap provided.

Enjoy the long-lasting Spring Blossoms fragrance in each laundry load and you can choose the number of crystals to increase the scent depth. It's ideal for adding to the seasonal laundry before storing away making it great for freshening sleeping bags, bedding, towels, and sportswear.

  • 350g
  • Spring Blossom Scent
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Lasts For 16 Washes*


Lavender bouquet scent booster 

350g bottle

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