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Kilrock-K Descaler 250ml

Kilrock-K Descaler 250ml

Kilrock-K Multi-purpose Descaler is the best-in-class, clearing even severely scaled appliances in as little as five minutes. Hard water drop stains are quickly and easily removed from bathtubs and faucets with this product, which is also appropriate for use with metal or plastic kettles, showerheads, coffee makers and steam irons, as well as toilets.



  • Removes limescale from all appliances kettles, shower heads, coffee makers, steam irons, W.C pans and garden sprinklers.
  • Descales in five minutes.
  • Phosphate-free and Biodegradable.


Metal or plastic kettles- half fill the kettle with water and bring it to a boil. Unplug the kettle and stand it in the sink in case of excess fizzing. Add 1 measure of kilrock big k and leave for 5 minutes, or until fizzing stops. Pour away contents and re-boil kettle and rinse away before re-use. Wash off any spillage.

Shower heads- wearing rubber gloves mix 1 part kill rock k multi-purpose descaler and 8 parts water in a vessel and immerse the nozzle in the solution until the scale has disappeared. Rinse the vessel and nozzle in cold water before re-use.

Coffee makers- mix one part kill rock k multi-purpose descaler with 8 parts cold water. Carefully add the appliance solution. Switch it on and run as normal. Empty and repeat the process with clean water. Steam irons- after mixing a solution of one part kill rock big k descaler and 8 parts water, warm the iron and unplug. Pour the solution into the chamber to the normal level. Place an upturned saucer in a plastic bowl and place the iron, and soleplate down, on the saucer. Depress the steam button until all the solution has been pressed through. Repeat the process with cold water. Wipe the soleplate clean. Iron is now ready to use.

W.C. Pans- pour two measures of kilrock k multi-purpose descaler into the pan and leave overnight. Flush out using a brush.

DO NOT USE Kilrock K Multi-Purpose Descaler on Marble, Natural Stone or Enamel Surfaces.


Causes severe skin burns and eye damage.

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